Should You Consider a Butcher Block Design? 

Should You Consider a Butcher Block Design? 

In addition to the custom granite countertops we offer at Inspire Kitchen and Bath Design, we also offer butcher block countertops as beautiful, durable alternatives.

Wood Choices

The hardwood option adds warmth to a room as well as helps to make the space more functional. A butcher block can be used for prep work and it can be made of nearly any wood, or any combination of woods. Popular wood choices include Hard Rock Maple, Walnut, American Cherry and Red Oak. After you choose the wood type, next you’ll have to decide on finish.

Butcher Block with Oil Finish

An oil finish is the most popular option. By using a penetrating oil, the wood will remain in beautiful condition for years to come. It’s worth noting, however, that an oil finish does require a bit more maintenance. In order to ensure that the wood remains in flawless condition, we recommend using mineral oil when the wood begins to lose its shine (or about once a month).

Butcher Block win Varnique Finish

Unlike the oil finish, a varnique finish is nearly 100% maintenance free. Customers who desire the look of a butcher block countertop and an easy-care surface should choose the varnique finish.

Concerns Over Warping

What a lot of people don’t know about a butcher block is that the environment inside your home can have an affect on the wood. During winter months or when the air becomes very dry, the wood is at risk of warping. While this issue is very easy to fix, we recommend using a humidifier to prevent the issue in the first place.

Learn More About Your Counter Top Options

If you want to learn more about butcher block and other counter top options, contact Inspire Kitchen and Bath Design today. Our showroom is located at 25 Raymond Road in Colchester, Vermont (off I89, exit 17). We’re there, Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm by appointment or by chance, and evenings and weekends by appointment.

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